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Growing up in a historically Irish, Italian, and Norwegian Brooklyn neighborhood in Bay Ridge, Siu Ki never really quite fit in.

She’d spent hours nose-deep in fashion magazines, daydreaming about becoming a model–which her Asian parents flatly discouraged–or at least working in the fashion industry when she grew up. Sure enough, after high school she attended Fashion Institute of Technology, where she was elated to put that dreaming into practice.

While waiting tables to put herself through school, Siu Ki fell in love with a chef who opened her eyes to the sensorial delights of food, wine, and hospitality. As her friends Jägerbombed and chased their hangovers with day-old pizza, Siu Ki was lucky enough to be dining at Michelin-star restaurants. She learned to identify Châteauneuf du Papes’ 13 grape varietals and traipsed through Las Ramblas, sipping fortified wines and sucking on prawn heads.

That relationship didn’t last, but Siu Ki’s love of wine and food did. After graduating from FIT, she turned this passion into her profession by joining Wine & Spirits Magazine's marketing department. There she discovered many wine marketing companies focused on PR, brand ambassador programs, and portfolio management, but none that helped conceptualize, market, and execute events directly for clients. That inspired her to start SKW Production Inc: an event company specializing in wine and spirits. With an educational background in fashion, Siu Ki's creativity and attention to detail create dramatic, unforgettable moments for an array of clients, including Bernardaud, Moet Hennesy USA, Robert Mondavi Winery, and La Fête du Champagne.

Siu Ki likes to travel around the world for a meal in her spare time, host dinner parties at her upstate home, and figure out the next bottle of wine to open.


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